Site Security/Armed and Unarmed Guards

We offer short and long term site security/guard management that can be customized to any industry. Examples include roving patrol and gate security.

All ASAP Group officers are carefully vetted, with prior law enforcement, military or extensive security experience. In addition, ASAP Group Officers meet all necessary requirements to possess a firearm and be employed as a security guard professional based on state specific requirements. All ASAP officers undergo an additional 40 hours of yearly training specific to the security industry.

Security Training & Analysis

The ASAP Group offers customized training programs for a variety of security-related operations. We will come on site to your business and complete a thorough risk assessment, develop site specific policies and procedures, and train you and your staff accordingly.

Security for Marijuana Facilities

The ASAP Group is established within the legal marijuana industry as a professional and reliable security solutions provider. We offer site specific risk assessments and security planning, policy development specific to the rules set forth by the state agency overseeing the cannabis program.

Our services include armed or unarmed physical security and secure transport using target hardening techniques derived from decades of research in criminological theory. Routine Activities Theory lays the foundation to ensure your product arrives safely to its intended destination. Our transport team is trained to move your assets using enhanced tactical and logistical techniques in full compliance with the most up to date rules and regulations set forth by the State agency overseeing the legal cannabis program and law specific to that State.

Surveillance Solutions

The ASAP Group through its strategic partnerships is dedicated to providing the most up to date network security services and support. Our strategic partners can design and build intelligent security solutions for any industry. In addition our partners build sophisticated surveillance applications that are available for our clients to view from anywhere and at any time from the comfort of your smart device.

  • Surveillance solutions include:
  • IP Video Management Solutions
  • Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion and Burglary Alarms
  • Product Tracking Using Portable Global Positioning Satellites (GPS)
  • Perimeter Security Solutions
  • Intercom, Fire, Audible and Silent Panic Alarm Systems

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